“Enough is Enough!”

“For too long the Super Rich have dominated Washington State with their lawyers and their crooked politics

We won’t be a third world country any more. Stop the invasion. Stop the crooked Democrat legal and political machine in Washington State.”

Vote Matthew D. Heines U.S. Congressional District 1 

Integrity, Motivation, Experience and Education

Matthew and Sangeeta Heines enjoy a stroll at Rattlesnake Lake
trying to figure out which Democrat it is named after.

Hometown: Sequim, Washington. Present: Eastside Seattle

Wife: Sangeeta 

Education: Sequim High School, Peninsula College, Washington State University, the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

Military Service: Airborne Infantry – US Army 82nd Airborne Divison 

Degrees held: Bachelor of Arts in History/Master’s Degree Secondary Education

Profession: Author, Educator, Owner: Heinessight Enterprises

Positions Held :  Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Oman Ministry of Higher Education

Political Affiliation: None

Published Books: Heinessights: Wisdom for the Ages, The Rainier Paradigm, Deceptions of the Ages, Killing Time in Saudi Arabia, Another Year in Oman, My Year in Oman.

YouTube Channels: Encounters USA, Deceptions of the Ages News, The Matthew Heines Channel, Matthew Heines for Senate, 

The Real Deal in Washington State

In order to end the crises of leadership and expertise in a state government dominated by the legal profession who have been serving themselves with senseless laws for years and are now opposing the Federal Government to illegally  dump millions of people on the citizens of this state and force us to support them. We are good people here but enough is enough. 

*Citizens of Washington have priority over foreign citizens and corporations. 

*End Sanctuary Cities.

*30% income tax on private attorneys.
*Tax on high tech foreign employees.
*All revenue from gambling, cannabis and attorney taxes to be put in schools, salaries for teachers and free college tuition, vocational and technical training for all Washington State Citizens, along with a high speed state-wide high speed rail system.
*Return to polling station voting with ID cards.
*Split King County into Tahoma, Chief Sealth and Sammamish Counties.
*Public Schools are English only (foreign languages ok!)
*Washington State Government Business in English only.
*End Official Government Racism and return to a fair meritocracy system by making it illegal to ask for racial or cultural identity when applying for jobs, loans, school admission etc except in the case of Native Americans, and resist the Federal Government for insisting on compliance.
*File suit against any company, media, technology firm or otherwise that is operating as a business in Washington state for violations of privacy, voter manipulation and US anti-trust laws.
*Grant Labor Cards to all migrant workers necessary for US enterprise allowing them to travel from their homes to the US unmolested.
*Take out the toll lanes on 405.
*Protect the Environment. Stop Dumping. Plant Trees. Add New Parks.
*Start a Statewide campaign to keep Washington Green and Clean. 

So, that is what I am running on. I support the President and commend him for keeping his word. But, we are Washington State and that means, like our namesake, we lead the country in new and practical ideas, sacrifice, and providing an example for America. I hope you will keep an eye on my campaign. I will use my heines4senate webpage until I can get my Matthew Heines for Governor page up. Thank you for reading this. It doesn’t have to get worse, the choice is up to you.

Welcome to the State of Education

Public Announcement

Heinessight is 20/20 Heinessight in 2024

It looks like Inslee is going to try to make losers of Washington’s citizens by running for Governor again. Not this time. I am running against you and this time, the people of Washington are going to get their state back as we send you and Taliban Bob packing. 

Education. Education. Education. Stop the Invasion. 

Heinessight is 20/20 Heinessight in 2024. 

If we don’t do this, we will not have a country left. It will be the super rich and billions of mindless bees at the mercy of whatever scheme will make them richer, if it involves your death or misery is of no consequence. As you have seen over the past four years, the rich have complete control of the government, the legal system, the media and you.


I am sorry that at this point in time I am seeking a different revenue stream and I don’t have time to campaign right now, but if I were campaigning – I would ask for you to not only vote for me, but vote for every candidate who endorses these ideals of a fair and just country like we were supposed to have. We Americans are really up against it, but I am willing to try, what about you? No more rule by the super rich.

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